Her Initiative is extremely excited to be part of unleashing potentials of 200 young women entrepreneurs under the age of 30. These young women entrepreneurs were located from Mwanza, Dodoma, Dar es salaam, Tabora, Iringa, Kilimanjaro, Singida, Mbeya, Lindi, Mtwara, Moshi, Arusha, and Morogoro.

Wivina Sylidion, Beneficiary of Ninaimarika program.

In its progress of turning into reality the organization slogan of A Girl Who Is Financial Independent is self-assured, Her Initiative was able to conduct 5 digital marketing trainings held online through Zoom application. Starting from month of June till August, 200 young women entrepreneurs were trained practically on how they can arrange their contents in digital platforms so as to induce more customers and increase engagement.

They were well informed about the Do’s and Don’ts of using social medias to promote their businesses. Example repetition of caption in every product posted, lack of relevant information about where their businesses are located or how people can find them and to not reveal price of products in captions.

They were trained on how they can promote their business in digital platforms to reach more people even those who didn’t follow them.

50 young women entrepreneur who did better in evaluation test, after the end of trainings were given money as a startup to promote their businesses online.

Her Initiative was more pleased to educate 5000 people through sending educative bulks messages about how they can be strong during tough times especially with the measured effects of Covid-19.

To be resilient you need to learn better from those who started before you or know much more than you, this is why through Ninaimarika project, Her initiative was able to conduct 3 digital forums through Instagram that connected young women entrepreneurs and successful people with different stories at different sectors.

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