Many young people do not have the necessary education or skills to not only write a job application letter and profile, but also to perform well in job interviews’, said Agaton Erick, a beneficiary of the Youth Employability Bootcamp. Before this program, Agaton was a finance university graduate desperately searching for a job to pursue her career and personal goals. While job seeking, Agaton realized he got many rejections without receiving an opportunity to advance to further interview stages in hopes of getting a job. He admits, ‘The program has been eye opening in that I am more aware now of the mistakes I used to make when applying for jobs’. Through the training he has managed to improve his professional CV and job application letter. He has gained confidence in sending in job applications and in oral interviews with key focus of negotiating and persuading employers.  After the boot camp in November, he sent in an application to TRA applying for an advertised role of tax officer. Fortunately, I was screened for the written interview then progressed to the oral interviews with managers. Today, I work at TRA as a junior tax officer after a thorough interview and application process.

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