Amina Haruna Ndanzi is a self-employed young woman who is a beneficiary of the Panda program  Cohort 2020. Prior to entering the program, she worked as a mobile nail technician, but she lacked the necessary skills and was unable to finance nail technician training.

She enrolled in the program with the intention of realizing her dream of owning a nail beauty salon, as opposed to merely providing mobile nail services, in order to overcome the obstacles she faced, which included a lack of consistent income. Amina joined the Panda program because she lacked the necessary funds and tools to manage her nail services business.

After being accepted into the program, she was given the opportunity to participate in the beauty and nails category, hoping to realize her dream of opening a nail beauty clinic.

During the course of the programme, Amina acquired a variety of skills, including Financial literacy, Digital marketing, and practical training. These skills assisted her in understanding how to connect with likeminded people and acquire more customers, as well as how to advance her nail beauty technician career. After three years, the Her Initiative team visited Amina to see how she was doing and how the program had impacted her. 

“The program was incredibly useful; I have profited greatly from Panda on the ground, and I am still in the nail industry at present.” Prior to joining Panda On the Ground, I ran a nail business, but it was home-based and had little potential. My greatest ambition was to create my own nail beauty salon, the financial education, nail art training from my trainer Lavy Beauty company, and digital marketing training have helped me tremendously. I now run my own nail beauty store in Mwenge, opposite TRA. The digital skills training I had from panda enabled me to comprehend numerous digital tools that I now utilize to get additional consumers. I have one employee with whom I collaborate, and my office is thriving.

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