Asha is a 24-year-old young woman living doing business in Keko as a retail seller of wholegrains and cereals. Before engaging with Panda Digital, Asha’s business was struggling in making profit and operating efficiently as it solely depended on walk in customers and she had no clear foundation on business management. She was also struggling with communicating her brand as she was experiencing low engagement with the posts created for the business pages.

Despite the failures, Asha was committed to standing out in the market with putting strong dedication towards constructing a well-defined business and digital marketing plan. Asha’s life changed overnight after learning about Panda Digital from a friend. “I remember that evening, I was gossiping with my friends about celebrities when one of them mentioned Panda digital as a platform that helped her improve her digital marketing skills.

After she said that, I was very interested to know more about this platform, and that’s marks the start of my interesting business journey” she said

Immediately, she enrolled as a student in Panda Digital platform taking the MASOKO YA MTANDAONI and MUUNDO WA BIASHARA YA KANVASI. “After taking this course, I have started operating my business online, using Instagram to showcase my products and interact with customers which in the beginning I had no idea on how to do so. I have managed to identify my niche thus increasing engagement of potential customers with my products and business. I can also witness that my online and offline business operations are well organized and efficiently operating by clearly defining the structure, channels and functions of my business” she said.

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