Rosemary Mpangala, a mother of one, decided to join the panda on the ground program 2021 in the decoration category so that she may support herself and her family financially. This decision was prompted by her prolonged unemployment after graduating from university. After completing the training course in decoration, rosemary has become an accomplished businesswoman due to her business efforts and perseverance. 

“I owe a great deal of gratitude to Her initiative for the Panda on the Ground training I received. The financial literacy training and advice from my mentor Mak Juice were really helpful, and I am now self-employed, decorating various venues that can accommodate up to 300 people, including kitchen parties and weddings. I’ve also branched out into gift wrapping, which includes fresh flowers, arrangements, and other items. My business is developing well, and I look forward to assisting other youth by providing them with decoration training”. 

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