Discover the hidden Truth of the young women in Kisarawe

In September 2023, Her initiative re-introduced a plan B project in Kisarawe targeting out-of-school girls and young women (15-24). These girls have not been able to continue their education facing unique challenges that limit them from accessing their full potential such as dropping out of school, being unemployed, having low skills in gender-based violence, and having children at a young age.

This Project provides education to out-of-school adolescent girls to fight gender-based violence whilst building their financial resilience through entrepreneurship training. The project promotes young women and girls’ access to information, skills, finances, and other tools to mitigate the risk of experiencing gender-based violence, whilst helping survivors recover.  

Specific activities under this program include entrepreneurial and financial literacy training, facilitating access to credit, and providing business groups with seed grants to foster collaboration amongst young female entrepreneurs. To better understand the needs of the target group, the Her-initiative team conducted a needs assessment study where the following needs were identified; lack of sufficient financial education, lack of entrepreneurial skills, lack of knowledge on Gender-based Violence, and Poor Digital marketing skills.

Moving forward, we engaged girls in two days of training and coaching on life Skills to amplify their confidence and build their agency and gender-based violence awareness so that they can identify, report, and protect themselves and society from GBV incidences, and entrepreneurship to promote skills on business development and financial management. 

 All these three pillars are centered on protecting girls from Gender-Based Violence by removing economic barriers and access to legal facilities that are limited to young girls.

During the Project,  the girls were given a chance to understand life skills training and understand how to amplify confidence and master personal growth and resilience,  communication skills to build strong relationships, resolve conflicts and express oneself take space to lead,  Critical thinking skills to understand on enable young women to make an informed decision and overcome challenges, young girls were got to understand leadership skills on nurturing to leadership qualities and empowering young women to unlock potential markers and, This life skills training enabled young women to take spaces, to lead and engage with people.  

  “For one to lead, one must possess the art of decision-making.” – 

Fatuma Adamu, a Plan B Beneficiary, 2023. ’’

Unlocking the Secrets to Business Model Canva and  Financial Literacy Skills Young girls in Kisarawe were taught Business skills and how to keep records of their business,  budgeting, saving, and making informed financial decisions, enabling greater independence and economic empowerment. Access to Capital and Resources, Connecting young women with resources, grants, and microfinance options to start or expand their businesses, ensuring financial stability and growth. 

“In business, it is good to identify your niche to ease the process, It will take over years to think of what business to start and also may take more time to get customers if you did not identify your well your niche”.                  Kennedy Mmari Financial Literacy Trainer 


The project made the young women realize and learn to discern opportunities, mold them into plans, and to breathe life into ventures that speak to the pulse of their community. Mentorship and networking become their compass, guiding them toward success. 

In a world where silence often drowns the cries of the oppressed, the Plan B Project ensures that every whisper of gender-based violence is heard. These young women are bestowed with the knowledge to identify, to report, and to challenge the chains that bind them.

Imagine amplifying Voices for Gender-Based Violence Skills, young girls understand the early stages of gender-based violence such as sexual violence acts performed on an individual without their consent, and Spaces to report on the gender-based violence in case they happen to themselves or the community they live in as well as how to encounter situations Gender-Based Violence on understanding the laws and regulation bringing equality and shedding light on gender-based discriminatory practices in kisarawe. Nowadays Gender-based violence services are free consultations to young girls and women and some institutions provide such education on how to report gender-based violence cases and situations.

“Legal Services are Free for the victims of Gender Based Violence, particularly Young Girls ”Zakia Plan B Legal Expert on Gender Based violence from Wildaf 

After training we want these young people to start and run a practical business by empowering  young women with the skills to identify business opportunities, unlock their creativity, and think innovatively to address local challenges. Adolescent Girls Sharing her story on the Plan B Project in Kisarawe empowers young women to become catalysts for societal transformation, inspiring others and building a network of resilience and gender solidarity.

During the project, there was a pitching session whereby the young girls were grouped into seven hence to pitch their business ideas and the winners were awarded seed funding 

This Project is going through evaluation, monitoring, coaching, and mentorship to support their business and growth. Her initiative believes that in the end, young girls will be able to be financially independent and Fight against  Gender Violence.

To ensure the project continues to succeed for the girls out of school we work with the government, Ward District in Kisarawe Region to ensure life-changing opportunities.

Her-Initiative Discovers a gap whereby after young girls drop out of school do not have                umbrella hence led to come with plan B project so that young girls learn on Gender-Based violence and life skills and start their business”

                 Lydia Moyo Executive Director Her-Initiative.

“Plan B is a very transformative project that considers a vulnerable population that is forgotten giving them an alternative solution to enable girls to generate income and pursue their goals ” 

Celine Julius Her-initiative

Inspiring readers to support and actively participate in uplifting young women in Kisarawe,            acknowledging the collective responsibility to foster an inclusive, empowered society.”   

 Neema Community Development officer kazimzumbwi (Kisarawe)

In Kisarawe, Plan B is more than a project; it is a serenade to resilience, a love letter to empowerment. It etches a promise in the hearts of these young women – a promise of financial independence, a promise to stand tall against the storm of violence. 

In the end, it is not just about Plan A or Plan B, it is about the symphony of possibilities, the dance of dreams, and the echoes of empowerment that resonate through young women in Kisarawe. To support this transformative journey is to be a part of a collective endeavor, a pledge to nurture a society where every woman’s voice is a powerful note in the song of progress.

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