Her Initiative Organization

Role: Developer

Location: Dar es Salaam

Duration: 14 days



Her Initiative is an organization that reframes the value of girls and shapes new norms that break the cycle of poverty and create financial resilience among adolescent girls and young women and girls in Tanzania to achieve gender equality and inclusive economic growth. Her Initiative creates a ‘new normal’ for girls; a world in which girls are not held back from reaching their full potential, either by themselves, their families, their communities, or by their financial status. Her Initiative stands for a girl who has empowered herself enough to address her social-economic problems.

Her Initiative aims to reach out to adolescent girls and young women and girls aged between 15 to 35 years. Her Initiative’s team is a resilient group of social change-makers who personally identify with the experiences of the young women and girls we reach and who are tenacious enough to tackle Tanzania’s challenging economy head-on through bold, young women and girls-led initiative. It is young women and girls’ ideas that are at the center of the solutions we provide, ensuring that we don’t waste resources on ideas that don’t reflect the needs.

The organization works with and for girls and young women in the areas of Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Our work is focused towards enabling young women to achieve their financial freedom through entrepreneurship for income generation. Our programs aim at reflecting the needs of young women by ensuring their engagement in everything we do. Our work includes significant engagement of stakeholders including governmental institutions, private sector, NGOs, as well as other national and international agencies as part of change readiness, systematic communications and engagement.



It is the first Swahili hybrid E- learning platform in Tanzania aiming at enabling young women entrepreneur’s access to skills, resources and information to start and run competitive digital businesses in the rising digital economy. As a hybrid learning platform, Panda digital comprises online and offline extensions from which young women get access to different skills and opportunities with and without access to the internet. Online, Panda Digital is available as a website under domain www.pandadigital.co.tz and offline, the platform is available as PADNA SMS under phone number 0767680463. 



We are seeking for an experienced developer to update the Panda Digital website with a new feature that is user friendly, girl centric and easy to navigate. The new feature, expert Q&A center, will enable access to personalized business support to young women entrepreneurs as an additional input towards starting and running smart businesses. This feature will connect young women (Panda Digital users) to a portfolio of business experts registered in the platform, on demand to ask questions pertaining to digital business operations including business development and management, digital marketing and business financing management. The users will submit a query form in the expert Q&A section that contains contact details and a section to fill the queries. In turn, the experts will respond to the queries by providing textual responses to the young women via phone number and email registered on the Q&A form. 



  1. Secure and preserve the existing data during the integration of the new features in the website 
  2. Design, develop and trial test the Panda Digital resource center and all its features
  3. Integrate the new features into Panda Digital website.



  1. Secured backup of existing data on Panda Digital website
  2. Panda Digital resource center that is well functioning, developed and thoroughly tested by sample users
  3. Full backup of the website through the duration of the contract.



The task will take a total of 20 workdays including weekends as follows:

  • 3 days Briefing 
  • 7 days development of Panda Digital resource center and its features
  • 1 day for preliminary testing
  • 4 Days for finalizing and working on feedbacks
  • 5 Days for final reviewing and uploading



The company should have:

  • Proven experience of web design and maintenance 
  • Strong experience in using well-known open-source platforms, such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.
  • Understanding of End User’s needs (young women) to match with adequate technical solutions.
  • Strong track record in web site design; security and administration; Google analytics; Search Engine Optimization.



Reasonable rates will be provided.



The consultant will be entitled to 60% of the total consultancy fee upon signing of the contract and the remaining 40% upon delivery and acceptance of deliverables within the specified period.



Interested Persons/company will be required to submit the following details to the address below:

Letter of Expression with relevant evidence to have conducted the same nature of the assignment, Consultation invoice and Updated Company Profile.

Kindly send this to;



P.O. Box 77585

Dar Es Salaam.

The applications can also be sent via email info@herinitiative.or.tz or present the document physically to Her Initiative offices located at Building: House no 2, Street: 10 Asmara Street, Mikocheni B, Dar Es Salaam

The applications should reach the organization not later than 17th April 2023.




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