Asha is a 24-year-old young woman living doing business in Keko as a retail seller of wholegrains and cereals. Before engaging with Panda Digital, Asha’s business was struggling in making profit and operating efficiently as it solely depended on walk in customers and she had no clear foundation on business management. She was also struggling with communicating her brand as she was experiencing low engagement with the posts created for the business pages. Despite the […]


‘Many young people do not have the necessary education or skills to not only write a job application letter and profile, but also to perform well in job interviews’, said Agaton Erick, a beneficiary of the Youth Employability Bootcamp. Before this program, Agaton was a finance university graduate desperately searching for a job to pursue her career and personal goals. While job seeking, Agaton realized he got many rejections without receiving an opportunity to advance […]

Fikia + beneficiary

Perpetua is a 23 years old young woman widow living with HIV. Prior to engaging with us she had treatment Interruption due to reasons like stigma, failure to afford a balanced diet and lack of motivation. During the first days of training her husband died and she experienced serious stigma, she could not afford her basic needs and decided to isolate herself. After a series of enhanced adherence counseling and mentorship for weeks she agreed […]

“Doctors like me are rare.” GLORY

For the men and women who dedicate themselves to the pursuits of wellness, research, happiness and compassion for others while forgetting their troubles, a rare doctor is their calling. Being a doctor is a career nothing short of demanding, a job requiring intense schooling, constant training and a chaotic schedule, not to mention a heavy dose of tenacity and patience. My decision to become a doctor was driven largely by values instilled in me by […]

“Panda Digital Platform Abstained Me from Poverty.”

Have you ever wondered if the class of 2020 will ever graduate? We all know when and how the corona virus erupted and spread fast to the point of school closing and people were strictly advised to stay at home.  Every university student I knew had the same question, “will I graduate this year?”  And yes, we did graduate. I am among many who graduated in 2020 at the University of Dar Es Salaam with […]

“I want people to remember my voice.” SAKINA CHAMBULILO

It is not me that I want people to remember. It is my voice. I once failed to address sextortion, I don’t want that mistake to ever repeat again. My voice, the voice that can stop a cat from catching a mouse. The voice that can stop a child from crying, I want to use this voice to stop that shameful man who is about to deploy my sister for his own advantage but yet […]

I have grown,risen and now i thrive because of Panda

Hope, a 25 year old young woman, is a soap producer and marketer of her own products, Hkay cleaning products. With Panda on the Ground 2021 training, she has managed to expand her customer base by utilizing knowledge she has received on market research online and offline. She has managed to start online classes on soap production for young women on Whatsapp. Her finances have tremendously improved after putting to use the finance tracking sheets […]

Being unemployed didn’t stop my ambition to help my family

Rosemary Mpangala, a mother of one, decided to join the panda on the ground program 2021 in the decoration category so that she may support herself and her family financially. This decision was prompted by her prolonged unemployment after graduating from university. After completing the training course in decoration, rosemary has become an accomplished businesswoman due to her business efforts and perseverance.  “I owe a great deal of gratitude to Her initiative for the Panda […]

How Panda changed my perception on business

Hello there, my name is Hawa. In 2021, I was a Panda on the ground beneficiary in the decoration category. Rachel Ndauka of the Rachel’s Choice event coached me, and her training program was tremendously valuable. I now know how to get consumers and deliver exceptional service. I offer my talents for a variety of occasions, including send-offs and baby showers. I am grateful because I can now care for myself and help my family […]

Amina – It feels Amazing to be financially free

Amina Haruna Ndanzi is a self-employed young woman who is a beneficiary of the Panda program  Cohort 2020. Prior to entering the program, she worked as a mobile nail technician, but she lacked the necessary skills and was unable to finance nail technician training. She enrolled in the program with the intention of realizing her dream of owning a nail beauty salon, as opposed to merely providing mobile nail services, in order to overcome the […]

How Hamida matured enormously as a result of Panda

  Hamida Rajabu, a resident of Dar es Salaam who is 23 years old and a beneficiary of panda on the ground 2021 has matured tremendously as a result of the program over the past three years. She signed up for the bakery category, and similarly to numerous other participants, she lacked entrepreneurial and financial literacy prior to the program. “I always knew I wanted to pursue bakery as a way to generate my own […]

Amanda’s work experience at Her Initiative

Amanda Mosses is the Finance and Logistics Officer at Her Initiative and an Entrepreneur. Her journey goes way back in 2020, when she started out as a finance volunteer when she was still in university pursuing her Bachelor degree in Accountancy. At the beginning of 2021, she was promoted to be a Finance Intern and in late November 2021 and due to her hard work and tenacity she was further promoted to a position of […]

DigiMali’s Impact on Hekima’s Business

Hekima Mliga is a young woman entrepreneur who was among the 100 beneficiaries of the DigiMali project. Digimali project provided knowledge and skills through training and mentorship to entrepreneurs on how they can improve their skills in using digital platforms to market their business, with the aim to influence self-employment and improve entrepreneurship. Hekima is the owner of Hebo delicious products and lives in the Morogoro region. Through Digimali, Hekima’s business has improved a lot […]


Suzan Yumbe is an aspiring leader and social change maker. She is the Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit organization called Afya Plus organization which falls in the WASH category, which was enrolled on our Stawi Lab program. “We just received a Malala Fund worth $100,000, and this would not have been possible if our team wouldn’t have been trained through the Stawi Lab program. Malala Fund needed so many policies in place and […]


“My name is Shabani Miraji, i volunteered for Her Initiative in the year 2019/2020 as a Monitoring & Evaluation volunteer. I gained practical experience on how to collect, manage, analyse and interpret data and how to write reports for different projects.I gained M&E capacity building and was mentored. And lastly through my volunteering experience it helped me get a job as a M&E executive at TED|Tanzania.”

Elizabeth’s experience with PANDA

Elizabeth Haule is a 25 years old Dar es Salaam resident. In the past, she used to engage in network marketing business by working with companies such as Alliance Aims Global where she invested her little money. Apart from engaging in network marketing, Elizabeth also had M-pesa kiosk. Lack of business skills in areas such as financial literacy led her to lose a whole capital in both businesses. Elizabeth was completely confused by this situation […]

How Maureen has changed

Maureen Mollel, (23) lives in Dar es Salaam. She is a student currently pursuing Bachelor of Science in General Science at the Open University of Tanzania. She is PANDA alumni, 2018 cohort. Before she joined PANDA programme, Maureen tried unsuccessfully to engage in business activities such as network marketing for some big companies, selling Ubuyu (sweetened baobab fruits) and other small businesses. Some of the challenges which contributed to derail her previous efforts were attributed […]

Thanks to PANDA I have changed for better!

Among the beneficiaries of the PANDA economic empowerment training programme is Sophia Lemi. She is 25 years old holder of a Bachelor Degree in Education. When she joined PANDA Programme Sophia had already started a business as a nail beautician. But her business was not without challenge the fact that she had not received any professional training beforehand to support her business grow. Challenges which compounded some of her hardships include low capital, poor branding, […]

How Magreth’s life has changed

Magreth Mtese is a self-employed young woman who is a beneficiary of PANDA programme, the 2019 cohort. She is a 22 years old young woman with a Diploma in Laboratory Technology from Dar es salaam Institute of Technology (DIT). She joined the programme with hope to realize her dreams by addressing the challenges she faced which include lack of stable income. Other challenges which compelled Magreth to join PANDA programme were lack of capital and […]

How Esther benefited from PANDA

Esther Edward is one of PANDA beneficiaries. She is a 25 years old, holding a Bachelor Degree of Science in Computer Science from University of Dar es salaam. She lives in Gongo la mboto Dar es Salaam. Beforehand, Ester didn’t own any business and thus her income was not stable as a result she used to depend solely to her parents. But following PANDA intervention the situation has changed for better as she has changed […]

Hellen story

Hellen Hamis is a 23 years old young woman who lives in Kibamba, Dar es Salaam. She has a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and she is among PANDA programme beneficiaries. Before she joined the programme, Hellen was working as a skin care consultant supporting her clients against the use of harmful skin whitening chemical creams. Whilst she was working in this consultancy she was at the same time a student of clinical medicine. As a […]