During the uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic young women entrepreneurs faced numerous challenges, including limited access to quality education, financial constraints, language barriers, and time limitations. In April 2021 Panda Digital, the country’s first Swahili e-learning innovative platform, was established to address these obstacles head-on, opening doors to opportunities that were previously inaccessible. Bridging the gender gap between men and women in education and entrepreneurship. As we celebrate two years of its remarkable journey, we reflect on the transformative impact it has had on many young women’s lives.

Panda Digital is a user-friendly website that provides a wealth of educational resources that are skills focused,courses, and tools tailored specifically for young women entrepreneurs making quality education available to anyone with an internet connection. Panda Digital has played a vital role in leveling the playing field and creating opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs who may have otherwise been left behind by harnessing the power of the internet, Panda Digital allows users to learn at their own pace and convenience, breaking free from the constraints of traditional classroom settings. With its Swahili interface, the platform ensures that language is no longer a barrier to education, making knowledge accessible to all by removing the financial burden associated with learning.

Recognizing that not everyone has consistent access to the internet, particularly in rural areas, the platform took a significant step forward in September 2022by launching an offline model, harnessing the power of AI and SMS technology to deliver educational content directly to users’ mobile phones. This offline dissemination has expanded the platform’s reach, ensuring that even those without reliable internet connectivity can benefit from its educational resources. By leveraging SMS, Panda Digital has made learning accessible to individuals in remote areas, ultimately empowering women entrepreneurs across Tanzania.

Over the past two years, more than 5000 young women in Tanzania have  enhanced their knowledge, acquired new skills, and developed their businesses through the Panda digital website  and Panda SMS . The testimonials of success stories speak volumes about the transformative effect that this e-learning platform has had on the lives of young women entrepreneurs.


“The fact is that this platform has not only provided us with skills but also brought us close to a bucket full of opportunities and through these opportunities, we can easily explore the benefits of the digital ecosystem”.

Asha Hemed, Panda Digital User and young woman Entrepreneur


As Her initiative celebrates the second anniversary of Panda Digital, and its commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs and their relentless pursuit of innovation have reshaped the landscape of education that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters confidence, resilience, and the drive to financial independence.in Tanzania. 

During the commemoration of the second anniversary of Panda Digital, Her Initiative launched a new service tool category dubbed Panda Chat  that exposes young women entrepreneurs to experts with diverse expertise whom will answer unanswered questions and coaching to young women  With continuous improvements and strategic collaborations with key stakeholders, the platform is poised to create an even greater impact that will continue to empower women entrepreneurs, with skills and knowledge necessary to overcome challenges and build sustainable businesses in an ever-evolving world.

As we raise our glasses to celebrate two years of Panda Digital, let us also raise our voices in recognition of the many young women it has touched. May it continue to be a catalyst for change, breaking down barriers, and opening doors of opportunity for women entrepreneurs across Tanzania and beyond. Together, let us strive for a world where education knows no bounds and every aspiring entrepreneur has the chance to thrive.

Ms. Lydia Charles Moyo, the Founder and Executive Director of Her Initiative


“As we celebrate two years of Panda Digital, I am humbled by the journey it has embarked upon. I am humbled to partner with Her Initiative in this, together we have turned young women’s dreams into reality, transformed ideas into innovations, and empowered businesses to thrive in the digital age. Panda Digital stands at the forefront of the digital revolution, shaping the future one byte at a time. Cheers to two incredible years, and Together, we will continue to unleash the power of digital possibilities.” 

Kennedy Mmari, Founder Serengeti Bytes (Trainer and Partner of Panda Digital)











































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