Hekima Mliga is a young woman entrepreneur who was among the 100 beneficiaries of the DigiMali project. Digimali project provided knowledge and skills through training and mentorship to entrepreneurs on how they can improve their skills in using digital platforms to market their business, with the aim to influence self-employment and improve entrepreneurship.

Hekima is the owner of Hebo delicious products and lives in the Morogoro region. Through Digimali, Hekima’s business has improved a lot especially when it comes to financial literacy and Digital marketing. “In this era of uncertainties it is very important to have an alternative way to market your business,” said Hekima, “Digimali has improved my marketing strategies because now I can use digital platforms to market my products without physical contact with my clients, also I publish good contents on my page that goes simultaneously with good posters and captions” this has helped a lot on reaching more people because people loves good and attractive contents.

Through Digimali she managed to pass the knowledge of Digital skills in entrepreneurship to other 95 young entrepreneurs her my region. “I am so happy to be a part of this Digital transformation progress and I urge my fellow young entrepreneurs to engage more in the digital economy to increase the sustainability of their businesses”.

“I am extremely fascinated by this modality of learning. I learned a lot from DigiMali training but with this special mentorship program, I have had an in-depth analysis of my business. I now understand my strength and weaknesses when it comes to business management and I know how to tap into the existing potential for growth. I thank Her Initiative for this priceless opportunity.”

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