For the men and women who dedicate themselves to the pursuits of wellness, research, happiness and compassion for others while forgetting their troubles, a rare doctor is their calling.

Being a doctor is a career nothing short of demanding, a job requiring intense schooling, constant training and a chaotic schedule, not to mention a heavy dose of tenacity and patience.

My decision to become a doctor was driven largely by values instilled in me by my faith. The idea of being a part of a profession focused on helping others regardless of circumstance, focused on facilitating people leading healthier and therefore happier lives. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling job.


Why Am I rare ?

Not all heroes wear caps and costumes, some put on their white coat and stethoscope, saves lives and educate the society on the best way they can.

Being a doctor, for me, has always been a calling as well as a privilege. Despite my not so well calculated schedule, I am passionate about a better society, and I lived to believe it starts with me before pointing fingers to somebody else.

Every day, it’s a gift to have the opportunity to care for people in their most vulnerable times. Despite the stress of being a doctor, long hours away from home and family, I could never imagine a life of not treating patients but at the same time not giving back to the community.

The only truth is saving people.

I applied to be a sextortion champion knowing exactly how my busy career has a lot on the table, yet, I knew I would use my off days to help others who might need me. Being a Doctor is a privilege title and still it doesn’t limit me from actively engaging in the society, I love to use my free time to educate people, and share knowledge on the best way to overcome challenges such as sexual corruption.


Are we there yet ?

I was so inspired with how this journey of educating people about sextortion brought on my table. People confessing their inner secrets, share their most painful memories, and embark on a journey of discovery. I know we are not there yet, but if I was able to increase awareness to a total of 503 people on how they can respond to sexual corruption, I am assured we are on our way to the destination point. I used my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages to conduct dialogues, and live online conferences for people to speak up, share, and break the silence. I knew through partnership a lot of girls would be able to get the message, I partnered with Youth Peace Makers forum, Voice of youth Tanzania and Glorious foundation to organize conferences which mitigated the sextortion dialogue. After closing the sexual corruption dialogue I realized 

Out of 5 people, only 1 person can tell a friend about the sextortion incident, due to the negative ideology invested in sextortion, people think it is a shame to speak about it.


Outside of the box

With sextortion out of the picture, we are talking about reduced cases on STDs and STIs, Improved mental health and proper control of unplanned pregnancies. This means that sextortion is directly linked to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

The fight against sextortion is not a fight for the Government and Civil Society Organizations alone, it is our responsibility in the society to fight tackle down this problem. let us use our voices to fight this great enemy.

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