Perpetua is a 23 years old young woman widow living with HIV. Prior to engaging with us she had treatment Interruption due to reasons like stigma, failure to afford a balanced diet and lack of motivation.

During the first days of training her husband died and she experienced serious stigma, she could not afford her basic needs and decided to isolate herself. After a series of enhanced adherence counseling and mentorship for weeks she agreed to go back to the program. She learned about SRH which helped her decide to go back to treatment and work together with her fellow young women in the group.

After months of engagement she regained confidence to walk around and pursue her goals without fearing stigma. Perpetua started fruit business in the market and she is also participating in the group business. She has now become financially independent which has shaded light on her dreams. This has also enabled her to afford a balanced diet and has motivated her to continue with treatment so as to minimize her HIV viral load and reduce health vulnerability as she continues to live her life full of hope and dreams.

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