Over 1293 brick-and-mortar businesses have been digitized. DIGIMALI has caused a major shift in online business operations in Tanzania, where 100 MSMEs were directly impacted by the project through a series of training and mentorship program for 8 weeks.

DIGIMALI has trained 100 online businesses on how to start and manage businesses online using digital tools through a training program that has impacted 2405 youth and women-led micro-businesses. The program was designed to enhance their knowledge in online business, digital business ecosystems, business finance literacy, and business management to drive self-employment opportunities and maximize the target group eligibility to scale up their businesses i.e. for loans and overall access to finance, access to market and compliance.

Digimali targeted youth and women who run businesses specifically the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that employ 2-5 people because of their importance in creating jobs for the most vulnerable and as a backbone of the local and national economy.

Starting businesses online for most youth is a good option due to Tanzania’s growing social media presence, where according to Napoleon the number of Internet users in Tanzania by January 2021 was 15.5 Million people including 5.4 million social media users in Tanzania.

One of the beneficiaries who has benefited from DIGIMALI shared with us,

“The fact that this program is specially tailored to respond to my business needs has made a lot of sense. I have had such a quality time discussing and devising possible solutions in response to my business hustles. Now I can sniff success and I can’t wait to see myself working on the new techniques I have learned and see my business reaches new heights.” Said Baraka Jeremiah from Bofe Tanzania in Kariakoo.

“I am extremely fascinated by this modality of learning. I learned a lot from DigiMali training but with this special mentorship program, I have had an in-depth analysis of my business. I now understand my strength and weaknesses when it comes to business management and I know how to tap into existing potentials for growth. I thank Her Initiative for this priceless opportunity.” Added Hekima Mliga, CEO of Hebo Delicious.

Digital savvy entrepreneurs have realized they do not need to be on the streets to attract customers. All they need is a smartphone and a social media account to run their businesses.

“I can’t thank you enough. I can’t imagine how much I would have missed out if I had not made time for this session. Honestly speaking, this session has been an eye-opener for me. From now on I am going to apply all aspects of business management, particularly budgeting and saving as well as customer relations management.” Elizabeth Ndyalusa, owner of Lizzy Shop in Tabata – Dar es Salaam.

DIGIMALI is a project which was organized and implemented by Her Initiative in partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to enhance Digital skills. The program is intended to improve knowledge of online business, digital business ecosystems, business finance literacy, and business management in order to increase self-employment opportunities and the target group’s eligibility to scale up their businesses.

“Digital platforms are tools to accelerate the business dynamics. And youth have transcendent skills to tackle challenges that occur within their ecosystem, by creating incomes using these digital tools. We are glad to be a part of this tremendous journey of digital transformation.”

Lydia Charles Moyo, Executive Director of Her Initiative.

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