Hello there, my name is Hawa. In 2021, I was a Panda on the ground beneficiary in the decoration category. Rachel Ndauka of the Rachel’s Choice event coached me, and her training program was tremendously valuable. I now know how to get consumers and deliver exceptional service. I offer my talents for a variety of occasions, including send-offs and baby showers. I am grateful because I can now care for myself and help my family with the little I have.

I’ve also started a UTT account to invest my money, into which I deposit a modest sum each week; my goal is for my company to grow. I recently started my own seafood business, and the majority of my customers came from social media. Here are my contact information: dagaa@nimimievents.tz @Nimimifresh

Prior to completing the Panda program’s Financial Literacy program, I was frightened of cash loans and perceived them as problematic, but I have now altered my attitude because I now understand how to handle loans and benefit from them.

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