Hope, a 25 year old young woman, is a soap producer and marketer of her own products, Hkay cleaning products. With Panda on the Ground 2021 training, she has managed to expand her customer base by utilizing knowledge she has received on market research online and offline. She has managed to start online classes on soap production for young women on Whatsapp. Her finances have tremendously improved after putting to use the finance tracking sheets to track her income and expenses. “I never thought I would be able to save as much as I am saving today. The financial training has first helped me to track my expenses, muster the courage to invest in financial securities and make good financial decisions. The practical training has helped me improve my packaging, visibility of my business online and offline and increase cost efficient production. Today I can save and reinvest the profit I make in my soap business. I am now receiving training at Launchpad TZ, to avoid outsourcing expenses for basic skills I can groom in a short while. Panda 2021 has been such a wonderful and amazing journey, I am so happy to be a part of this life changing experience.” she says.

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