Have you ever wondered if the class of 2020 will ever graduate? We all know when and how the corona virus erupted and spread fast to the point of school closing and people were strictly advised to stay at home. 

Every university student I knew had the same question, “will I graduate this year?”  And yes, we did graduate. I am among many who graduated in 2020 at the University of Dar Es Salaam with a bachelor degree in Information technology.


I chose the right path

My passion and love for Information and technology felt like a theory to people around me. Most of them didn’t think if I will get any well paid job. Corona virus made everything change. With the shift of activities into digital spaces, that is how my course was displayed in spotlight. I became important. I became someone everyone need. Random people called me every time to ask about damages experienced in their phones. Since phones distinctly smart phones became the number one source of information about Corona virus and business development. My idea of fixing people’s phone emerged. Slowly, laptops and other electron devices were on demand, so I decided to fix everything about electronic in order to help people attain a good online presence with their electronic devices.


How it started

I know I’m not the only one who can do few skills for free while on the way to secure people’s trust, the moment they know you are the right person for their needs that is when you can start to name your price. 

From the beginning, people in my neighborhood came to me with their not working devices. I will help them fix their gadgets for free. The more people came, the more I realized, my services are worthy needed. After a year of working for free, I arrived with a decision of monetizing my skills. So I started charging them a small amount in return for the service. And none of them refused.


How it is going

Let me give you a brief on a digital platform named Panda Digital that helped me to run away from poverty. Panda digital is an e-learning platform that provides entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and resources to female entrepreneurs. You might be wondering why this platform helped me while I’m not a female! Well, this platform does not limit male entrepreneurs from being benefited with the digital knowledge provided by experts.

After finishing the Business Model Canvas, and Digital Marketing course on Panda Digital Platform, I noticed how ignorance is the source of poverty. Imagine not knowing you can reach more than one thousand people with just a well described single post about your business. Goodbye to those days when customer relationship was only about good language. With this course, I learnt to improve my relationship with customers through bulk messages and email marketing. You can now imagine how my business has gained a muscular digital presence.


Ignorance is the disease.

Posting the same thing to the same people everyday is cliché, I once didn’t know about this phrase but it all became connected after learning the digital course from the Panda Platform. WhatsApp status was the only market place, where I would share the services I provide and give people tips on how they can protect their electronic devices. I realized how this limited the market size of my business to only my contacts and recommended customers from friends and family after crossing paths with Panda Digital. Just like so many people out there, I used to think I am not a social media person, I rarely used most of my social media apps. What I learnt from Panda digital influenced me to open digital accounts on Instagram, Facebook and even Tiktok. There was this fire burning inside my head, I wanted to get away from ignorance and attain financial freedom with the effective use of digital platforms.


You are time is now.

If you are looking for an inspiration to start a business online, then this is it. 

Engaging my business on online spaces was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It helped to increase sales for my business by 20%. People from different premises would send messages and bring their devices for fixing because I am active in replying to comments, messages or inquires and my prices are well articulated in each post.” 


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