12th OCTOBER, 2021

Dar es Salaam

TWAA in partnership with Her Initiative organization has launched the Stawi Lab project that focuses on supporting youth-led organizations that work at addressing girls and women’s rights by providing direct resources including Mini-Grants that will help them in carrying out their activities, but also 8 weeks of training and mentorship program will be provided to all institutions that apply for the program.

This announcement is coming at a time when a lot of youth-led organizations are experiencing challenges in getting enough, and continuous funding to do their work. They are having an insufficient sustainable and scalable model, and competency regarding the target community and interventions, inconsistent results, and accountability mechanisms that can help them grow their institutions.

This project will help solve some of these challenges that are faced by youth-led organizations by; Strengthening their capacity through training and mentorship on resource mobilization, team and talent management, gender centralization, communications and brand positioning, organization identity, development, structure, and functions. Strengthening their monitoring and evaluation systems, improving their fundraising capability, financial and auditing policies, and human resource management policies. Financing the movement through mini-grants and access to partner funding.

Stawi Lab will provide 8 weeks of training, a mentorship program to all participants, and Mini-Grants funding on Tsh 5,000,000, Tsh 3,000,000, and Tsh 1,000,000 to three top Institutions that will perform well.

Institutions with the following criteria can apply for the program: Must be an Institution whose strategic goal is to advocate for women’s rights, Applicants must be around the age of 18-35 years, Must be registered even in the district level,

Institutions can apply for this program through the link provided in the TWAA app or through the Bio on Her Initiative and TWAA Social Media accounts

Stawi Lab is pushing the agenda of promoting women’s rights by engaging and taking up space in promoting institutional growth for youth-led organizations that work directly in supporting women’s rights.

“Our organization has felt a deep sense of responsibility to support youth-led women organizations that are working hard to ensure that women are uplifted and included in development activities,” says Irene Kiwia, Executive Director of TWAA

“We need to move from hearing empty words on investing in young women and youth-led organizations, tokenized funding to seeing meaningful action in supporting youth and young women in the spaces where they are organizing and expressing their voice.” Says Lydia Charles, Founder and Executive Director of Her Initiative


About Her Initiative

Her Initiative is a non-governmental organization that reframes the values of girls and shapes new social norms that break the cycle of poverty and create a social-economic resilience among young women in Tanzania.


About TWAA

TWAA is an innovative knowledge sharing and mentorship platform that enables women to network, share events, share content and build a community of empowered women globally.


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