Her Initiative is an organization that reframes the value of girls and shapes new norms that break the cycle of poverty and create financial resilience among adolescent girls and young women and girls in Tanzania to achieve gender equality and inclusive economic growth. Her Initiative creates a ' new normal' for girls; a world in which girls are not held back from reaching their full potential, either by themselves, their families, their communities, or by their financial status. Her Initiative stands for a girl who has empowered herself enough to address her social-economic problems. Her Initiative aims to reach out to adolescent girls and young women and girls aged between 15 to 35 years. Her Initiative’s team is a resilient group of social change-makers who personally identify with the experiences of the young women and girls we reach and who are tenacious enough to tackle Tanzania’s challenging economy head-on through bold, young women and girls-led initiative. It is young women and girls’ ideas that are at the center of the solutions we provide, ensuring that we don’t waste resources on ideas that don’t reflect the needs.


Enhancing Digital Skills for Women and Youth Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Development.

The project is designed to enhance their knowledge in online business, digital business ecosystems, business finance literacy, and business management to drive self-employment opportunities and maximize the target group eligibility to scale up their businesses i.e. for loans and overall access to finance, access to market and compliance.

Today’s youth particularly young women face enormous challenges including unemployment or in low-paying jobs. Also, a significant proportion of economic activity is highly informal; thus there is a discrepancy between the demand for skilled jobs and the positions currently available in the labor market. Additionally, the current lack of financial literacy among Tanzanian youth is a significant barrier to financial inclusion.

Her Initiative draws evidence and facts from previous experience which reveals that young women lack access to finance and competency in business management which leads to non-compliance with regulations and ineligibility for loans. Thus, Her initiative saw the need for capacity building to improve the chance of every micro-business to improve efficiency and profitability by tapping the opportunities presented by the digital ecosystem.

Therefore, this project aims to empower micro-businesses run by young entrepreneurs who lack the human capital, business management skills, and financial resources needed to scale up. The project is designed to use a training module for leveraging the power of digitalization driven by smartphone and mobile Internet penetration in Tanzania to accelerate women and youth employment and entrepreneurship while creating smarter and sustainable small businesses.


HER INITIATIVE is seeking a qualified consultant to undertake the development of a Kiswahili comprehensive training manual on financial literacy and business financing. The consultant will undertake the following tasks;

Conduct desk research and analyze all necessary documents/training modules and materials to fully understand the ground situation and existing training material available for financial literacy and business financing training.

Conduct a gap analysis to identify gaps in the training being imparted on financial literacy and business financing. Map out all the issues and identify the priorities in line with the objectives of this project. This should include consultations and key informant interviews with young women entrepreneurs.

Produce a well-written and comprehensive training manual including recommendations for training tactics/techniques.

Submit the first draft, to be reviewed by the organization before the final draft.

Submit the Kiswahili financial literacy and business financing model manual.


The task will take a total of 8 workdays including the weekend as follows:

2 days of conducting desk research and analyzing all necessary documents/training modules and materials

1 day of conducting a gap analysis to identify gaps in the training being imparted on financial literacy and business financing

2 days of consultations and key informant interview with young women entrepreneurs

3 days of writing, consolidating and issuing the financial literacy and business financing manual.

The work will start from 20th November to the 27th of November 2021.


A first draft of the Kiswahili financial literacy and business financing manual

Final Comprehensive Kiswahili financial literacy and business financing manual


6.0. RATES

Reasonable rates will be provided


The consultant will be entitled to 100 % of the payment after the complete work and acceptance of deliverables within the specified period.


The selected consultant must have the following basic educational and professional experience: (Minimum requirements):

  1. LEVEL OF EDUCATION: Bachelor degree in marketing, public relations, business administration, business management or any related field, COMMUNICATION
  2. She/he should have a minimum of three years experience of working in business administration, financial literacy.
  • At least 3 years experience and knowledge of Business Development.
  1. Fluent in both written and spoken Swahili and English language


Experienced working with entrepreneurs is an added advantage.

Demonstrates integrity by modeling the professionalism, values, and ethical standards

Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the project

Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability

Treats all people fairly and without favoritism.


Interested Persons/company will be required to submit the following details to the address below:

  1. Letter of Expression with relevant evidence to have conducted the same nature of the assignment
  2. Consultation invoice
  3. Updated Curriculum vitae.






  1. O Box 77585

Dar es Salaam.

The applications can also be sent via email info@herinitiative.or.tz, copied to coletta@herinitiative.or.tz, and Or presented the document physically to Her Initiative offices located at Ubungo, Rubada building.

The applications should reach the organization no later than 20th November 2021.

  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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