Agaton Erick, a 2021 finance graduate, had been struggling to land a job 12 months after graduating from university. He came across our second call of applications for the youth employability bootcamp on Instagram and decided to apply in hopes of landing an employment offer after the training.

During the training, he realized that he lacked essential skills for job applications and interviews thus being unable to secure a job position. By realizing this he used the training to revamp his CV, improve his cover letter and cover email. Besides that, the training on interview skills empowered him to improve his body language during interviews and encourage his confidence when communicating his portfolios and negotiating his offers.

Armed with negotiation and persuasion skills, Agaton applied for a tax officer role at the Tanzania Revenue Authority after the boot camp. He excelled in interviews and now proudly serves as a junior tax officer, a testament to his determination and newfound skills.

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